"Every eight weeks should be included in training new element or change something in design practice. For example, in the gym, when you move the bench press bench top to bottom or vice versa, instead of biceps lift the barbell to begin training with free weights and add one-hand rotation, which influence the muscle from a different angle, "suggests Jan

How to cancel stereotype

Vary your exercises, try a new one. Change the number of repetitions (approximately 15 to 25) and number series. Include "breathing and more stretching. Interleave exercises in the gym aerobic exercise and a variety of outdoor activities.

Surprise body

"Another way to overcome stagnation, increase muscle strength is to increase the load and number of repetitions of exercises and workouts to focus more on synergists or vice versa Reinforcement antagonist muscle - the muscles to cooperating with him, or not acting against him.

Nutritional supplements can help, certainly stretching and also change the type of training. This means that if you train all year forcefully should surprise body explosive, speed and activity make it work differently, "explains coach and adds some good news and some bad news:

Keeping your muscles prepared is easier than to gain. Twice a week, an hour at the gym plus activity over the weekend should be enough.[Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. ]