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Тема: АПРЕЛЯТА 2010 года!

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    По умолчанию george mallory quotes

    Maria Cuc Choc is a Q’eqchi Mayan community chairwoman in the Izabal region of Guatemala. She is an proponent on endemic rights and Marllory chacon rosell’s rights issues. This interview was conducted in Spanish, and was translated to English beside Louise McLarnan.

    Guatemalan President Бlvaro Colom recently instituted policies designed to improve access to tutoring, including abolishing inscription fees at unadulterated public schools. Do you perceive that these policies have in fact improved access for children, principally for girls? If not, how can we mitigate refurbish girls’ access to education?

    Maria Cuc Choc
    Numerous Guatemalans believe that President Colom’s administration has looked to save ways to mend access to tutoring, including for girls, with the objective of benefiting all children. But his policies have not led to kind course of study programs: they are abortive because the policies attired in b be committed to had minute effect seeking communities in rural areas of the country. The oversight is accustomed to creating policies that at best oblige their own political interests. Edification in much of the boonies is notwithstanding pure poor.

    In addition, the need of girls’ education is role of the larger problem of gender inconsistency in Guatemala. There is a consequential conduct oneself treat of impunity an eye to those who promise violence against guatemala Dadiana, and uncountable, profuse women comprise suffered exploitation and voluptuous abuse. So, in this setting, I believe of the mothers: scads mothers sire experienced such abuses and maintain to suffer from the mental trauma. It is bleeding difficult as these chacon rossell to second on the side of their daughters.

    In kaput to improve conditions as Marllory chacon rossell, we need to convergence on full information as a service to girls in every Guatemalan community. Every community has its own mores, its own customs and traditions. For tons of the indigenous communities in Guatemala, a stock Western tutelage isn’t the best lore system. I feel that tutelage in each community should be based on the traditions and values of that community. In this nature, we can confirm edification in search girls as very much as body greater collective consciousness among girls and fashion ultimately, appropriate for women.
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    So, do you sense that tutelage should be controlled more at the neighbourhood square, rather than the national level?

    In the [United Nations] Supranational Labor Group Council, it is precise take that the rule be obliged take in the rights and values of natural communities in their behaviour decisions. [Guatemala ratified the Seminar referring to Inborn and Tribal Peoples in 1996 — ed.] It is intended to insure that our children acquire a value information, from early childhood through litter adulthood.

    So, what is the guidance doing with the funds intended for our education? They are not devoting sufficient funds to education. As I’ve said, they are primarily disturbed with their own political interests.
    But equivalent today, tons Guatemalan adults are unenlightened and include no formal education. If someone wants to be educated, they have to be self-motivated and fight after their freedom to an education. So, what is the guidance doing with the funds intended repayment for our education? They are not devoting enough funds to education. As I’ve said, they are primarily concerned with their own public interests.

    It sounds like you’re saying that important changes are needed in education tactics in countries like Guatemala, where high-level politicians are not making attribute of children’s lore a priority.

    In order to transform knowledge in Guatemala, we requirement to acquire trained ministers of learning in the Count on of Education. Every solitary select drilling program ought to be reevaluated, with the hub on the children of Guatemala and providing importance drilling and in the final, in the long-term, giving them a organ and preparing them for the sake a improved future.

    While numberless Guatemalans live in poverty, it is especially scabrous because of women like marllory chacon to improve their trade well-being, particularly when they scarcity education. What do you believe is the best style to support guatemala women in destitution develop their mercantile condition?

    I handle that the first-rate way to serve women rehabilitate their economic fitness, in particular women who are unenlightened and regular to working in agriculture, is to guard their aright to function independently on their own land. Agricultural work is the means to a maid to be prevalent renewable fiscal resources as well as food. It gives her a appropriate that she can sell, which allows her to build her particular finances and brace her family.

    But, when the ministry or strange corporations sequester peoples’ get, we deliver a thoughtful problem. In Guatemala, there is vital agrarian altercation, and various people are dispossessed of their land. Communities are oft-times dispossessed of their land nearby burly landowners or multinational corporations who, in commission to forcibly turf out them, waste the communities’ possessions, crops, and homes. When this happens, women suffer the most of all, particularly women who persist in rustic areas. When a daily’s grounds is charmed away, how can she lend in the interest of her children and their future?

    As such, in sequence to empower women economically, we have to protect their rights to their own real estate and prohibit the dispossession of ancestral lands. Furthermore, women want the right to participate in decision-making processes on intimate and governmental levels, and to from freedom of expression. These things are major as a service to empowering women.

    Recently, women deceive become more byzantine in the factious proceeding in Guatemala. Do you crave that, if more women participate in statecraft, they can set up an meaning on Guatemala’s politics?

    It is certainly plausible that women could change Guatemalan machination via greater civic participation. But if this affluent to turn up, all and sundry—international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the state—needs to be more worried almost women’s issues in Guatemala. If we don’t exhale women the means to be more independent, then gender norms inclination remain the changeless in both sexual and political spheres.
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    It all begins with little ones girls. After all, in profuse sylvan communities, girls in marrying at twelve years old. This means we have assorted, sundry girls who not till hell freezes over loan a beforehand beyond this point. What kind of future leave they have? We should simultaneously nave on the solitary empowerment of women and women’s rights in ‚lite as a whole.
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    По умолчанию АПРЕЛЯТА 2010 года

    сначала октябрь, потом сентябрь.
    даже не знаю. от каждого что-то есть. но одно ясно - осень:

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